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Name One
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Name Two
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Your Address
Please list items from the quote you wish to book. If you would like to book all items listed on your quote please just write "As quoted"
Venue name address and suburb. Please provide name of room at venue Eg: Grand Ballroom
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Event start time
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Event finish time
Event set up access time "bump in time"
Event set up access time "bump in time"
If you don't have this information we will contact your venue to arrange bump in access time.
Event pack down access time "bump out time"
Event pack down access time "bump out time"
If you don't have this information we will contact your venue to arrange bump out access time. Please note for after hours bump outs attract additional charges (eg: in the evening at the end of an event). Please check your quote.
Please provide company name and contact person of suppliers for your day so we can ensure smooth transitions at setup & pack down. Eg: Photographer, Florist, Pyrotechnics, Lighting, other hire suppliers.
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Signs can be viewed on our signage page on our website
Our standard wedding sign states "Welcome to the wedding of ...... & ....... Please provide your names as you would like printed.
Contact person for on the day *
Contact person for on the day
Person other than the bride for us to contact. The main reason we would contact someone is if it is poor weather and we need to implement your back up plan.
We require all clients to provide a back up location for outdoor ceremonies. Many venue's will allow you to have your ceremony indoors in the event of rain. We know nobody wants to think about this one but PLEASE do so well in advance for your own peace of mind. If your ceremony time will be moved due to wet weather a fee of $60 per hour for each hour outside your booking time applies. This is ONLY subject to availability for the new time as we may be committed to another booking on the same day.
Time on wedding invitations *
Time on wedding invitations
We use this to guide us on what time to have the setup completed. Many guests will arrive 15-30mins prior to the invitation start time.
If minister is not available directly please provide the contact person at the church.
Council booking start time *
Council booking start time
We recommend minimum 1.5 hours prior to your invitation start time. This gives us an hour to get everything looking fabulous then a half hour buffer so we are out of the way before any early guest arrivals.
Council booking finish time *
Council booking finish time
We require a minimum half hour for pack down after your ceremony concludes.